50 Years of Gospel Music (SC-55)

A Better Place to Go
Sweet Heaven in My View
Striving fo that City
The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow
God's Not Dead
Heaven Holds All for Me
I Had a Vision of Heaven
Jesus Will Outshine Them All
What a Time in Heaven
The First Million Years
There's Always a Rainbow
On Heaven's Bright Shore
Upper Windows
Beyond the Sunset
They've Moved Our Reunion to Heaven
I'm Going On With Jesus
God's Dearest Lamb
Dry Bones
Memories from Way Back Home
Memories from Way Back Home
Worth All My Trials
Where We'll Never Grow Old
Heading to the Promised Land
Come Up Higher
Momma Prayed for Me
The King is Coming Back
Dusty Roads
Empty Tomb
Bridge Over Jordan
This Little Light of Mine
Good Morning Child
Have a Happy Mother's Day
Jesus, Daddy, and You
Memories of the Coal Mines
She's Not Crying Anymore
Walk Through the Gates
I Pressed Through the Crowd
Another Friend is Gone
Precious Memories Come Alive
Heaven's Sounding Sweeter
In 1962, a Virginia coal miner and a preacher's daughter, equipped with two Hummingbird guitars, started singing in church revivals. With the money from an income tax refund, they made their first album titled simply, "The Cooke Duet." That album was the beginning of a legacy that has now been 50 years in the making.

As their popularity grew, so did the conviction in that coal miner's heart. In 1965, following the Lord's calling, Hubert traded the stability of his mining job for the uncertainty of a full-time singing ministry. He would later write the auto-biographical song, "Memories of the Coal Mine," recounting his work in the mines and how the Lord called him away from that to sing gospel music full-time with his family.

At the age of 14, each son joined alongside Mom and Dad lending their talent to the group. From The Cooke Duet, to the Cooke Duet and Sons, The Singing Cookes came full circle as youngest son, Donny, joined the group. Their individual talents blended into the unique family harmony and group dynamics they are known for today. Through the years, the group has also showcased the talent of third generation Cookes, Tami (James' daughter) and Daniel (Donny's son). The group has remained steadfast and consistent, crediting the Lord and their close family ties for the blessings they've encountered through the years.

It's been an amazing journey from the mining town of Wise, Virginia into the hearts of countless gospel music fans. This two CD set captures that journey in a way that only the Cookes can tell it. From the pure sound of two voices with two guitars, to the tight harmony and powerful sound of the group today, this project has it all. With 40 hand-picked songs, gospel music fans old and new can enjoy the songs that have made The Singing Cookes one of the most endearing groups in gospel music.

-Written by Darlene Mines

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